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Gift Your Graduate with Career Planning Skills for a Lifetime of Success!

As graduation for high school and college students quickly approaches and you're earnestly trying to decide on the best gift for them, consider equipping them with the knowledge about themselves and the world of work needed to make the best decisions possible about that next important step in their development.

The elements needed to make such decisions are built on a thorough awareness of self, including aptitudes, interests, personality type, and values and extensive knowledge about the world of work. My process is designed to provide these elements as well as the steps needed to take to be ready to launch successful careers that will be the best fit for them. The skills developed through my process are designed to be used over their lifetimes as they successfully navigate the changing work world in light of their developmental stages.

Interested? Visit my website ( to learn more about me and the approach I'd take in working with your graduate or contact me at 225-939-0360 for a free consultation. Enjoy this special time in your graduate's life!

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