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I offer career coaching, career counseling, and career assessment for high school students, college students, new professionals and adults in career transition throughout the Baton Rouge area.


Making decisions about college majors and careers can be daunting for high school students who are preparing for the next chapter of their lives. Many students enter college with a certain career in mind but often change their career plans during their college years.  Others graduate with a particular degree and begin their careers only to realize that they made the wrong career choice.  Furthermore, many adults find themselves in transition following major life events such as job loss, changes in family structure, retirement, or general unhappiness with their careers.


CareerWorks360 uses a process that focuses on assessment of individual abilities, interests, personalities, and values before coaching you through possible career decision choices.  After matching your assessment results with possible careers, I'll counsel you through the available choices to make an effective plan. Career coaching and counseling are offered on both an individual and group basis through several different package options, which can be found on my services page.  Not all services involve career assessments; career coaching can be accomplished without them when in the best interest of the client.


Our Assessment Process

My primary tool for assessment of your unique career profile is the Highlands Ability Battery, which is considered the gold-standard among human aptitude tests.  The assessment is a three-hour objective inquiry into the abilities and ability patterns of each individual. The assessment provides a thorough analysis of patterns of abilities which can then be matched to relevant career paths.

Mary Feduccia not only guides clients through the aptitude test and other career assessments but also provides career coaching services to develop a career plan considered to be the best fit for each individual.

About Dr. Mary Feduccia

Mary Feduccia, Career Coach in Baton Rouge

Dr. Mary Feduccia has a distinguished career, counseling hundreds of high school, college, and adults in transition to career success. Mary spent 16 years coaching high school students at St. Joseph's Academy and St. Michael's High School in Baton Rouge as they made important college and career decisions. She spent 18 years counseling college students at Louisiana State University as the director of Career Services, helping students and alumni plan their career paths.  After retirement from LSU in July 2015, she launched CareerWorks360, a private practice for career coaching and counseling.


Mary graduated with a bachelor's degree in education and master's in education focused on guidance and counseling from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. Since then, she received a Ph.D. in Vocational Education from Louisiana State University. Mary is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Louisiana and is a certified Highlands Affiliate.


Her work in the field of career development has led to a number of major awards including: Louisiana Counseling Association "Distinguished Professional Service Award" (2012); Louisiana Career Development Association "Career Counselor of the Year Award" (2008); and Fulbright Higher Education Administrators Program in Germany (2007).

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