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Brand New Offering at CareerWorks360!

Need help in planning a satisfying and fulfilling career or with choosing a college major? The best career assessment and planning begins with knowing who you are, what abilities you were born with, and what your Personal Vision is for your future. The Highlands Company publishes the Highlands Ability Battery, an online abilities assessment that goes farther than any other instrument to define your natural abilities and begin your career assessment. Virtually all other career assessments depend on your self-reported responses to questions.

The Highlands Ability Battery measures your hard-wired and natural abilities and leads to a sound career assessment. Based on the pioneering studies of Johnson O’Connor, it is a three-hour inquiry into abilities and ability patterns and clusters.

The Battery consists of nineteen worksamples. Two intensive reports are provided that help the individual understand his natural abilities and the careers that would best capitalize on his patterns of abilities. Interpretation is supplied in a two-hour personal consultation in a small group setting with me. Once these patterns or “clusters” are understood, the individual is helped to guide his life and career into more productive and satisfying channels.

This assessment and these open enrollment groups are appropriate for high school juniors, seniors, and college students trying to make the best decisions about a college major and career, for young professionals who have already earned their degrees and are not happy in their work, and for mid-life and older adults feeling the need for a new career direction.

The Open Enrollment Groups are a brand new offering from CareerWorks360 and provide the opportunity for individuals to assess their natural abilities and make effective career and/or college major decisions in a small group format at an extremely reasonable rate ($250.) For more information and to register, visit

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