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Career Coach in Baton Rouge

Mary Feduccia, Career Coach in Baton Rouge

    Mary Feduccia, Ph.D., LPC

Ever considered working with a career coach to plan the perfect career?

CareerWorks360 offers career coaching, aptitude testing, and career counseling services for high school students, college students and adults in transition.  I provide career coaching to individuals in either a face-to-face or virtual format.


Can we help with planning your career? 


  • Are you overwhelmed with making a decision about the right college major for your career path?

  • Are you in college but unsure what you want do in your career?

  • Have you launched your career only to realize that it is a bad fit?

  • Are you at a crossroads in life and wanting to shift to a career that is more fulfilling and rewarding but are not sure about what that could be?

  • Might you be interested in an intensive personal and career vision coaching program?


If any of these questions describe you, CareerWorks360 has a career coach in Baton Rouge to help you succeed!  I'll guide you through an assessment process, plan a career path, and coach you to a college major or a job that fits.

"Dr. Feduccia has helped me tremendously! She helped me identify my strengths, values and interests that are suited better for particular careers. Not only has she  given me the guidance and direction I needed, but also the confidence to start pursuing a career that is suited for me and my needs. CareerWorks360 is an invaluable resource that I would recommend to anyone before starting a degree or making a career/major switch!"      EH, age 23


Pick the category that best fits you to learn about my career coaching and career counseling services in Baton Rouge as well as virtually:

High School Career Coaching
High School Students
College Students Career Coaching
College Students
Career Coaching for Adults
Adults in Transition
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